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June Beetles

June Beetles

Thanks for supporting our team's dream of a thriving LA River! By contributing to this cause with your time or your donation, you'll be creating a better Los Angeles for its residents and its wildlife. 

In honor of the CleanUp's 30th year, we want to pick 30lbs of trash each from the River, and/or help raise $30,000 towards River restoration. Donate, share, or join our team to help us reach our goals! 

We appreciate any support we can get. With your help, we can make a difference!

Best - 


Thank you everybody for their generous donations! Can't wait to see you all out on the river tomorrow! Don't forget to wear pants, durable shoes, hat/sunscreen and bring water! We will be meeting everybody at 9am at 2800 Casitas Ave.



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1. LGLyle Grant
Hope it all goes well. Happy Easter!
2. NGNicky Giraffe
3. CTCatherine Tipping
Wish I could donate more :/ !! Good on you ❤️❤️
4. RDRowena Duke
5. JCJulie Cohen
6. AMAli Maricich