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Welcome to Catherine Kaleel's Page

Catherine Kaleel

Catherine Kaleel

I am volunteering with to the friends of the LA river to clean up trash. Riding my bike along the beach and river I see how bad it gets and want to help our oceans in some small way. They have started a fundraising section that I didn’t realize I would have it automatically submitting me to when I registered to help clean up trash, but here I am. If you have $5-$20 and would like to donate Long beach is at the end of a very long man made river. It opens up right where the river hits the ocean and there is a beautiful estuary and its very full of trash. This is where we will be focusing on our clean up. I have rode my bicycle past it many times. It definitely needs tending to as often as possible. This is a wonderful cause to keep our oceans less messed up.

I appreciate all the support I can get - with your help, we can make a difference!

Best - Catherine


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