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Welcome to Cormorants, Herons, and Pelicans, Oh My!'s team Page

Cormorants, Herons, And Pelicans, Oh My!

Cormorants, Herons, and Pelicans, Oh My!

*Join us on the River on April 27th at Willow Street in Long Beach!*

This is the last weekend of the three week event, so it will definitely be time to party and celebrate all of the hard work and impact made for the River and its communities. All are welcome, including four-legged buddies. See you soon and thank you for all of your support!

xo, Marissa



Last year's CleanUp in 360!

American White Pelicans like to hang out in larger bodies of water, particularly near the ocean outlet of the River. They often cooperate to corral schools of fish to make it easy to scoop them out.

The Great Blue Heron is true River royalty! They have a huge wingspan - usually two times their body span! - and can usually be seen wading in the water or swooping in for a meal.

This is a cormorant, one of the coolest birds on the River. They are excellent swimmers and divers and are often seen drying out their wings on a sunny rock.


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